H. Rizkan Sahfudin as Advisory Board of DPC PWRI KAB BOGOR Strengthening Organizational Formation


Right on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, located on Jalan Pondok Rajeg, green patio shop no 1-2 Kel Tengah, Cibinong District, Bogor Regency-West Java 16914.

Head of DPC PWRI Rohmat Selamat SH Mkn,. Appointed H. Rizkan Sahfudin as an advisory board, aiming to strengthen the DPC PWRI Bogor Regency, so that in the future he can provide understanding and good ideas for DPC PWRI Bogor Regency, nothing more, what is I did it to make DPC PWRI Bogor Regency become good and become an institution that deserves to be taken into account in the increasingly advanced times, he said.

I decided on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 17:45 pm, starting today H. Rizkan Sahfudin officially becomes a part of DPC PWRI Bogor Regency with a letter of appointment and appointment of the DPC PWRI branch of Bogor Regency No: 015 / SK / PWRI / DPC.KAB .BOGOR / III / 2021. And hopefully in the future the PWRI of Bogor Regency will be even bigger and this friendship will not be broken at any time, that is the hope of the chairman of DPC PWRI Bogor Regency.

There was also an addition from the PWRI advisory board to fellow journalists who were present, still at the same location, the PWRI advisory board conveyed its message, I am very grateful to the PWRI chairman who has entrusted me to be accepted into the large DPC PWRI family of Bogor Regency. Of course, I hope that DPC PWRI Bogor Regency will always be compact and prosperous and can be in line and think together ,,, DPC PWRI Bogor Regency will always be victorious, that's how H. Rizkan Sahfudin concluded.

Casdhy Bald/PWRI